Why Chiropractic

I’ve watched children recover from asthma, babies stop suffering from colic, and children start paying attention in school.  So how is this possible?  First, let me tell you about your health.

Your health is based on 4 principles:

1)  Your body is a self-healing organism; it is designed to heal itself. For example, you get a brand new liver every month.  All the cells in your liver die and are replaced with brand new cells every 24 days! Amazing!  Every four months all of your red blood cells are wiped out and your body creates a completely new set. Incredible!  You get a new stomach lining every 5 days.  At night when you go home and take off your clothes before bed, thousands of dead skin-cells float to the floor and then you vacuum yourself up the next morning.  In fact 90% of the dust in your house is you!  The reason I’m telling you this is to emphasize that your body is in a constant state of change and repair.  And in order to do this, it follows a very exact program.

2)  Your nerve system is the thing that runs this program.  It is like a computer central command center that runs you. As long as your nerve system is able to communicate effectively with every organ, tissue, cell, every nook and cranny of you, you should have the very best health you have ever had in your life.  This is called normal.

3)  If something interferes with the function of your nerve system, and it is not able to do this, your body will not be able to do what it is designed and programmed to do it will do its own thing.

4)  My job as a Chiropractor is to restore law and order!  I find the interference to the nerve system and remove it allowing your body to do what is designed and programmed to do.  Be healthy!

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