About Our Cambridge Chiropractor Office

Why Our Cambridge Chiropractic Office is Different 

I have seen too many people that have tried everything to no avail and are discouraged and have almost given up.

Why should you keep trying?  Because Chiropractic works!  Because we are the best!

I have been injured in the past  and I know what it’s like to lose your health.  I also know what it takes to get better and healthy not only from my personal experience but also from helping others regain their health.

There are two types of Chiropractors.  Symptom relief  Chiropractors who are primarily concerned with temporary relief of your symptoms.   The other type is traditional Chiropractors whose goal is to correct the subluxations in your spine, removing interference to the nerve system allowing your body to heal itself.  I am a traditional Chiropractor and focus on correcting your problem not merely giving pain relief care.

You will receive a thorough consultation and examination and I take my own xrays on site.  I will explain what’s going on in your body and how I will fix it.  By focusing on spinal adjustments we provide the highest quality service possible.   I practice what I preach.  My family follows a Chiropractic lifestyle and it shows in our health.

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