headache-largePeople seek help from Chiropractors for headaches more than any other problem. In fact, other than upper respiratory infections it is the most common reason people go to see physicians. At any time about ½ of the population have headaches.

When you have a headache not only does your head hurt, your eyes hurt, your neck hurts, lights bother you, as does sound. On top of this are all your daily activities, work, and family to deal with.

The public has bought into the concept that headaches are a “disease” that require drugs to “treat”.  In Chiropractic we look at headaches as an ache in the head. It’s a symptom; “pain”, not a disease. However the symptom can be severe and debilitating.

There are different types of headaches – migraine, cluster, tension, occipital (back of head), and sinus. Each is different.

The funny thing is there is no consideration given to the reason why the headaches are there. People are so busy treating the pain that they forget that pain has a reason for being. A headache along with any other pain is your body “talking” to you. It is a warning signal to let you know that your body is having difficulty dealing with something.

Chiropractors have found that many headaches originate from a distortion in vertebrae of the neck which is affecting the nerve system. These distortions are known as vertebral subluxations and are caused by injuries which occur throughout your life. You would be surprised to know that 85 to 95 percent of us have subluxations that began with a difficult delivery which is known as traumatic birth syndrome.

Subluxations interrupt the transmission of information through the nerves. When this occurs in the neck the muscles contract to protect the nerve system producing a “tension” headache. Sometimes pain is transmitted to the face which is interpreted as sinus headache. The more severe the subluxation and nerve damage the more severe the effects.  Cluster and migraine headaches.

Although the vast majority of headaches are from the neck there are other causes; tumors, cardiovascular problems, drugs, alcohol and poor diet.

Headaches indicate something is not right and should be investigated. Continually drugging a symptom whether it is a headache or other symptom is a recipe for disaster.

A visit to a Chiropractor will provide a comprehensive exam to help determine a cause for your problem and begin your road to recovery and restoration of health.

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