Ear Infection

ear-infection-largeChildhood ear infections are very frightening to parents. As a parent who has had a child who had an ear infection I know.

Treatments for ear infections include antibiotics, decongestants, fever medication, and ear tubes. You may be surprised (or not) that the benefits of these are highly questionable.

In respect to antibiotics “The Lancet” – a highly respected medical journal – found that recovery from ear infections was the same with or without the use of antibiotics. The “Archives of Otolaryngology” showed 88 percent of children with ear infections never needed antibiotics, and antibiotics did not shorten the length of infection. In other words antibiotics are not as effective as the body’s own immune system. Imagine that!
Children with recurrent ear infections are often advised to have tubes put through their eardrums (tympanostomy). This reduces fluid build-up and pressure in the ear. The University of Pittsburgh school of Medicine found that tympanostomy had no clinical benefit and increased the incidence of recurrence. In fact they create scar on the eardrum leading to hearing loss. Despite this thousands of tympanostomies are performed every year in Canada.
As a Chiropractor I see ear infections as a malfunction of the immune system which reduces the child’s ability to fight infection. How do children have reduced immunity? The main cause of lowered resistance is most often caused by the birth process which is very traumatic. The physical stress of an uncomplicated delivery can cause damage to the baby’s upper neck. Studies by McAndrews, Towbrin (Harvard), and Guttmann have shown this.  This creates a vertebral subluxation (misalignment) in the child’s neck. This affects the child’s nerve system and the child’s ability to perceive the world around him.
Drs. Guttmann and Biederman examined hundreds of babies and concluded; “an unhealthy spine at birth causes…. Lowered resistance to infection – especially ear, nose, and throat infections. They also found that correcting this through Chiropractic resulted in marked improvement.
Chiropractors have been looking after children for years with great results. Chiropractic adjustments improve nerve system function and immune function. The result, happier, healthier children.
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