asthma-largeMany of us know someone who suffers with breathing difficulties which is often diagnosed medically as asthma. I am a Chiropractor partly because my father’s asthma was brought under control after undergoing and maintaining Chiropractic care.


In order to survive we must bring oxygen into our body and eliminate carbon dioxide through our lungs; something we call breathing. The air passes through our nose, windpipe, bronchi and enters the lungs. It is filtered, cleansed, warmed, and moistened by the time it gets to our lungs. This breathing mechanism is under the control of your nerve system. Failure of this system will result in death in 3-5 minutes.
In asthma the small tubes of the lungs become inflamed and irritated. They narrow, spasm, and mucous is produced which plugs the breathing passages which result in people gasping for air. They are literally suffocating and these “asthma attacks” can last minutes or hours and persist for a lifetime.
Attacks can be triggered by allergies, stress, pollen, or pollution. People with “attacks” are many times placed on drugs such as bronchodilators, anti-inflammatories and cortisone which have serious consequences through a lifetime of chronic drug use.
Chiropractors have been helping children and adults with asthma for years. The human body is self-healing; it is designed to heal itself. As long as the nerve system goes to every cell of the body without interference the body will function normally. If some of the vertebrae of the spine become subluxated (move out of place) the function of the nerve system is compromised and the body functions abnormally.
Chiropractors eliminate interference to the nerve system allowing for normal body function without drugs.
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