arthritis-largeIf you think arthritis affects only the elderly you are wrong. Unfortunately we see people of all ages with arthritis. In fact, during autopsies of soldiers during the Vietnam War osteoarthritis (spinal degeneration) was commonly seen in 18 year old soldiers.

Osteoarthritis is the “wear and tear” type which for years has been associated with aging and is the most common. By the age of 30 thirty five percent of the population is affected and by 70 it seems universal.

J.S. Lawrence, an American osteoarthritis expert, revealed in a study that 10 percent of 15 year olds show osteoarthritis on x-ray.
Osteoarthritis is painful, debilitating, and disabling. Unfortunately it has been accepted as an inescapable part of aging and any thought of slowing it down, stopping it, or reversing it has been looked upon as heresy. Until now.
When two bones come together in your body there is a joint. The ends of the bones are lined with cartilage which prevents friction and gives smooth movement. The cartilage has the ability to regenerate and the joint is bathed in synovial fluid which acts like a lubricant.
Osteoarthritis is your body’s attempt to repair a damaged joint.
In the spine vertebrae are separated by a disc. When misaligned or subluxated the disc decreases in size and fissures form in it which leads to instability. The body’s normal repair response attempts to stabilize this unstable area by forming calcium deposits and bone spurs. Arthritis although not a good thing is now seen as a normal repair to an unstable spine.
Arthritis is not caused by aging in the spine it is caused by a subluxation which is never corrected. It is usually created by a traumatic incident often in childhood.
Now the good news. Osteoarthritis can not only be slowed down and stopped it can actually be reversed! Your body continually replaces cells but in order to do this it must have a properly functioning nerve system. The nerve system is the central command computer which runs the body. As long as every organ, tissue, and cell has a nerve going to it and sending it messages it will do what it is designed and programmed to do. Subluxations interfere with normal nerve function thereby disrupting normal cell replacement. Correcting subluxations through specific Chiropractic adjustments not only removes abnormal physical stress on the spinal joints it also allows for normal cell replacement. This results in regeneration of ostoarthritic joints and improved health.
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