alergies-largeWe have been taught that allergies are normal. We even have ragweed season, pollen season and allergy or pollen reports on television. People take lots and lots of medications to suppress the symptoms of allergies and think nothing of it. It’s normal. Everyone has allergies right? No. Allergies are a symptom of your body’s inability to deal with and eliminate things that enter your body from the environment. If pollen caused allergies or ragweed everyone should have them but they don’t.


 The difference is how one person’s body is able to adapt to its’ environment and another is not. What senses and directs your body to adapt to its’ environment? Yep, your nerve system.
We all breathe, eat and drink. Our body takes in and uses what it needs for its own good and health and must eliminate what it cannot use. We all urinate, defecate, and sweat to eliminate things we don’t need. To do this the body must recognize what it requires and what it does not.
Allergies exist on two different levels. The first is the failure of a proper response to foreign or non-self things that enter the body.  The immune system must respond correctly to foreign invaders or they will not be neutralized (e.g. Pollen). The immune system and nerve system are intimately linked and a nerve system that is functioning incorrectly will lead to a build up of foreign particles in the body which are toxic. The second level is a failure of the body to eliminate toxins from the body through urination, defecation, or breathing. Elimination like all body functions is under the control of the nerve system. If they are not eliminated the toxins build up and result in a loss of health.
Now, your symptoms are actually your body attempting to neutralize and eliminate these toxins in an alternative way. Of course it’s unpleasant and abnormal because the body is functioning abnormally. It’s not working the way it was designed and programmed to work.
Allergies have always been of great interest to me as my father suffered from asthma and my wife had terrible allergies when I first met her. Both have had excellent results through Chiropractic.
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