Seniors-largeOld age doesn’t have to mean sick age.  It is possible to live a long, full life without being physically or mentally incapacitated.  In fact 85% of people over the age of 65 have no serious health problems (U.S. stat.).  It is possible to stay physically and mentally healthy your entire lifetime.  It is also possible to reverse or slow aging and recover physical and mental strength.

In one study nine 86-96 year olds worked out with weights 3 times a week increased the strength of their legs 174%!

In a Chiropractic study people over the age of 65 who received monthly Chiropractic care over a 2 year period had less hospitalization, less institutionalization, fewer use of drugs, and a greater feeling of well-being!

Chiropractic care frees the body from a serious form of health damage called vertebral subluxations which cause premature aging by destroying vitality and weakening our healing ability.  No one knows all the secrets of a long and healthy life, but a body free of vertebral subluxations is more flexible, balanced, stronger and healthier than a body with subluxations.

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